When the angle changes………

The same image seen from different angles means different things to different people. Some simple, some philosophical and some simply way out.

A diary shouting “LIFE”

The longer I look at the picture, the more it talks to me. Like how the brown colored table can be thought of as earth and the green spiral diary as a life giving tree. And how humans are totally ignoring it.

Another aspect is how this may be the first picture of Prasun where he is not smiling. If PavanIMG_20150715_130136715i took a closer look at it she would probably kill me for it shows just her hairs, the thing she is so insecure about. The picture shows a bit of the blue laptop that is inexplicably cute for a laptop. It almost seems like a toy. The white little thing is the remote of the air conditioner in the conference room.

The bad angle of the picture is worrisome. Had it been just the picture of the diary and the table it could have been used as a wallpaper. The diary can really take you down with it in deep thoughts as it says a lot. The green color, the golden words shouting out “LIFE”, the golden spiral around it, the scribbling inside the diary. It’s a nice diary. It can almost be taken as a Book of Life. –KHUSHBOO ANEJA

Zeroing in on ‘LIFE’

diary pic - zI must say I had a pretty decent angle capturing this picture, as if  Khushboo`s diary is indicating to me something on “Life”(read the cover), as though life is doing some sort of a balancing act or is on thin ice ready to collapse anytime? I bet my friend on the other side is wondering about the same thing, if you go by his reaction.

Wait a minute, is Pavani clicking the same image or is she texting someone?

The teacher in class is trying to say something, though I am not sure anyone remembers what that was. We were all busy trying to get our phones out for this. Is someone balancing the book with his eyes? Like some sort of a street magician? Probably an overload of David Blane….- ABDUL AZEEZ ZAIN

The view through my lens

diary picI see a diary that resembles a tent, placed on a big brown table. The is also an AC remote, a laptop, an open notebook, a girl clicking a picture, a full bottle of water and a woman keenly observing the scene. For me, everything seems fun and different.

The AC remote looks like a white car on a rocky and empty highway. It has a cotton field to its right and a blue lake to its left. Heading towards a very narrow and dark tunnel which looks like a spearhead, which is leading to a tall crystal tower. The view is so pleasant and beautiful that a young lady in pink passing by had to stop and click a picture. Meanwhile, the protector of the crystal tower was keenly looking out for greedy trespassers with her sharp and attentive eyes. – JOHN P RABINDRANATH

Watch out for the unusual turns

A brown table…. An upside down diary…. A water bottle… A blue laptop… And a Guru… Well, practically this is all that this picture contains. But if someone takes an intense look at it, thisdiary-pic-n picture speaks tons.

A good look at the picture and you will notice that the cover of the diary says “Life”. It makes me wonder how sometimes life take a completely unusual turn. Circumstances that we have never dreamt of ever. But just like the words scribbled inside the diary, life keeps throwing hints at us.

The trick to a hassle free life, according to me, would be to catch those little indications life gives us at times when we need them the most. Oh and yes!! Always remember that your teachers will hold you whenever you stumble and nurture your talent. – NAMRATA SRIVASTAVA

As I see it…

diary-pic-pAs the vision goes so does the thought. Many would wonder what’s so important about the picture. But only an extraordinary mind will look beyond.

An upside down dairy tells me that there is nothing wrong in thinking out of the box to actually get a clear picture.

As the picture shows, there is a white paper and a pencil, ready to take down the first thoughts about the green dairy on the table. The dairy is half open way giving it the feel of a triangular field. Is the other person in the picture the challenger? – LAXMI PAVANI KODATI



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