Media needs regulation: Aditya Sondhi

sondhi-crowdBengaluru: Media in India, like any other responsible institution, should come under a regulatory body for fair and effective functioning. These views were expressed by Aditya Sondhi, senior lawyer of the Supreme Court and an alumnus of the National Law School University of India University at the second edition of The NSoJ Roundtable held at the National School of Journalism, Bengaluru, in September. 

Questioning the efficacy of the much-touted self-regulation which the media favours, Mr Sondhi felt that the ”Fourth Estate” has shown little sensitivity, particularly in areas concerning defamation and people’s privacy.

Mr Sondhi’s address was split in two sessions: the first on defamation laws and the next on India-Pakistan relations. Mr Sondhi, who is also a Ph.D in political science, is an avid follower of India’s relations with its neighbour, which has historically been contentious.

In the first session, Mr Sondhi showed a clipping from a  television channel which was symbolic of trial by media. In the  second session he dealt with the contrast between India’s and Pakistan’s democracies and Armies.

The talk was followed by an interesting Q & A session with students of law and media from CMR College, Jyothi Nivas College, Presidecy College, Bishop Cotton Women’s College and Christ College and the student-journalists of NSoJ. – NSoJ Bureau




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