A beautiful hand and a beautiful mind

Kalasipalyam, Bengaluru: “A hand- written letter has a better impact than a typed one. It has a personal touch, the one thing human beings are losing in this age of digitalization”, says KC Janardhan,  but what about the hand writing?

Mr. Janardhan is an author-preneur, connoisseur of calligraphy, cognoscenti of handwriting, coach, corporate and cross- cultural understanding enter-trainer, maestro, mentor, professor of penmanship and management, questioned- document examiner, raconteur…

It was his calling which took its time to come to him. He is qualified in corporate secretary ship and specializes in HR and Marketing. He tried his hands at various businesses such as pharmaceuticals, garment export, heavy engineering, and so on and later had the courage to give that all up to find what gave him satisfaction and made his work place  a “holiday destination”. An art which is self-taught and self-actualized. The start always has its challenges but his salesmanship came in handy. Mr. Janardhan is the first Indian to register a limited company for calligraphy and handwriting, in Britain. He is the only Indian who was allowed to write his own passport and the only Indian to teach “Power handwriting” to British and the rest of the English speaking world. He is the cultural ambassador to Britain and bestowed with many state, national and international awards. Currently he is the President of the Association of British Scholars – Karnataka.

Activist: One can’t describe Mr. Janardhan just as a calligrapher or professor of management because he is all that and much more. He is a civic activist in the Fort area of Bengaluru city. He is working to preserve the heritage of Bangalore and to bring order and protection in his neighborhood. He is also providing workshops and classes on handwriting, on dressing, dining and travel etiquettes; understanding of cross cultural trends and helps one to find the true purpose of life with a workshop, ‘Be your own master’.

He is a survivor of epilepsy, now a living example for others, an inspiration.

Mr. Janardhan is the author of the book Write to be read.

Museum: He is converting his 150- year- old house into a museum on handwriting. Entering the house after walking down narrow lanes of old Bengaluru, is his museum –cum- house- cum- training centre- cum- gift gallery- cum soon going to be restaurant. Its second floor has rare books on calligraphy, handwriting, and etiquettes. The collection has a rare coin released during the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. There are varieties of ink bottles, quills, nibs, and holders some even 100 years old. These have been collected from various parts of the world such as US, Europe, West Asia, Australia and New Zealand. A different range of Mont Blanc pens also adorns his collection. A special section is dedicated to Sherlock Holmes with the hunting cap and a pipe.

The atmosphere of the workshop, J’s La Quill, is serene, visually attractive, and calming with the infusion of aromas to be added next. Interdisciplinary researches of various art forms have inspired the ambience.  The workshops are to start soon.

Mr. Janardhan has been documenting his career and life in his handwriting. He completes 25 years as a calligrapher next year.

Khushboo Aneja


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