Breaking News SLANT 2K16!!!!

‘Breaking news’ at Slant 2016

BREAKING NEWS!! This, on your feet, event was one of the many highlights of NSoJ SLANT 2016 Fest.  Six teams from different colleges that took part were seen enacting a correspondence piece based on a fictitious global breaking news events. The different scenarios in the lot were, from Apple I-Phone’s sales drop, to actor Aamir Khan’s comment on ‘Intolerance in India’.

The event which lasted for about 90 minutes saw enthusiastic participation by teams from Christ University, Presidency College, Kristu Jayanthi College and Reva Institute. Each team had four participants each and were judged by Mr. HS Balram, Director, NSoJ and Mr. Santosh, Faculty, NSoJ. The participants were judged on presentation skills, nature of questioning, presence of mind, creativity, professionalism among other criteria. The Situations or topics were given on the spot. The participants were given 10 minutes preparation time and five minutes to enact the situation.

The event saw creativity, unique style of presentation, professionalism and knowledge about current affairs in India and around the world. Although, they had to be one team, which had to win. Team from Christ University, Vishal Sengupta, Shinjan Mitra, Samrat Nath, Harshit Pai, were the winners with their unique presentation about Apple I-Phone sales drop.


One of the most interesting events that took place in Slant 2016 was Fact Check, a quiz game. The event was conducted by GreyCaps India Pvt. Ltd., and was divided in two part. The first part called  Fact Check Prelims was a written test where groups consisting of three students each participated from different colleges. Six teams with the highest scores in the prelims were then asked to play the finals of Fact Check.

The quiz master Pradeep of Grey Caps has conducted many quizzes for schools, colleges and companies in India and overseas.

The final of the event was divided into five rounds; one team was eliminated from the finals by the end of fourth round. Many interesting questions were asked which made the participants scratch their heads.

The winners of Fact Check were:

  • 1st- Christ University (Kesavan Nampoothiry, Aksheeya Suresh, Manjari Ramasubramanian)
  • 2nd- Presidency (Harsh Singh, Abhishek Majumdar, Vaishnav)
  • 3rd- Kristu Jayanti (George Thomas, Amal Devasia, Praise Nimmy Iype)

The event was interesting, informative and enjoyed by all.

Tweet This !


In this competition each team was shown a five minute clip of a news event. Teams were asked to live tweet about the clip shown.

Each team comprised of three students , and were asked to create their own common twitter handle and end their tweets with the hashtag #NSoJSlant2016.

Christ University were asked to tweet about the latest Coldplay video song, Hymn for the weekend

Presidency College was shown Hitler’s last speech with footage from inside the Nazi army camps

And the other team from Christ University was played Kalki Koechlin`s rap song on The Printing Machine

The best tweet award was given to  William Mathews from Christ university for his tweet on The Printing Machine


1st- Edwin Thomas, Pallavi Jha & Manjari Ramasubramanian – Christ University

2nd- Harsh Singh, Priya Rangan & Abhishek Majumdar – Presidency College- Hitler’s last clip

3rd- Aksheeya Suresh, Nakul Sridhar & William Mathews – Christ University- taka- printing machine


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