The first ‘modern’ Indians

Anglo indians
A rich tapestry of a glorious past

THE Anglo- Indians, a 500-year history,   by S .Muthiah and Harry MacLure,  is a treasure- chest brimming over with valuable jewels. One feels like examining each jewel, admiring its many  facets, clarity, colour and beauty. In its contents this book reveals the past and   explains the present of Anglo-Indian community. Starting at the beginning by defining the Anglo-Indians,   the book offers a sweeping account of the origin and then the life and role of this community. Historian Muthiah   gives   detailed information on this community by way of observing pictorial history in his  writing.

Published by Niyogi Books, New Delhi, this invaluable handbook on the once-glorious Anglo-Indian community is divided into two parts. In the first part; the authors collect the information on four generation of Anglo -Indians. They trace the history of this community of mixed heritage. They explain their hospitality, their oriental way of life, besides recipes of great appeal in one of the chapters in this section. The second part deals with the signal contributions of the Anglo- Indians to India and the world. The two sections, not intended to distract the reader from the unity of the book,   makes for  a convenient aid for careful study of the work.

Readers interested in history, culture and heritage will enjoy this book, highly united and inter -connected in its various segments. In this 216-page-book, with an impressive bibliography and an elaborate index, the theme is the life and history of the Anglo- Indians closely Interwoven with information on many related subjects.

Muthiah and MacLure have employed simple language. The writing and the collection and arrangement of facts demonstrate   the effort behind this enjoyable work. As a historical work that penetrates the past to great depths, 500-year history of Anglo-Indians surpasses many similar kind of books.

Jisho Sunil


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