“Work towards a positive change”

Dr Sandeep Shastri speaking at the conclusion of the National School of Journalism (NSoJ) programme on media for senior school students

Asking the relevant questions in a press conference and judging what is the news is something every journalist does. The same was the last test for Vidyashilp students enrolled for a Programme for senior school students in National School of Journalism (NSoJ). The Key speaker and chief guest was Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro Vice Chancellor of Jain University and well-known political scientist and psephologist. He spoke on the topic ‘Today’s youth and their growing disenchantment with the political class’.

Mr. Shastri said it’s good that today’s youth is unhappy with present day politics. Being unsatisfied is the first step towards change. “If they don’t like what politicians are doing with the country,  that is in one way motivation itself to change. But change just for the sake of change is not an answer”, he said. “The youth needs to identify the problem, come up with a solution and work towards the right kind of change”, he added.

“Classroom is a space where both the teacher and the students learn. I learn from my students every day” .  He said, whenever he takes a class, its 80% of the students talking and 20% him.

His talk was followed by a question and answer session where a series of questions were asked by students of Vidyashilp Academy.

The National School of Journalism (NSoJ) school programme is aimed at preparing the students to pursue the truth in a less than perfect world, to recognize wider contexts in which issues are framed and communicate to the public in a responsible, balanced and fair manner. This is aimed at the fact that young minds can define and shape the socio-economic fabric of tomorrow through careers in the rapidly evolving print, broadcast and convergence news media industry in India. The programme enables to create interest in school children for possible careers in journalism and develop a deeper understanding of society. The working template comprises critical thinking and ethical execution within a framework of social justice.

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