Play of Light

In tribute to the visionary Le Corbusier

The play of light is very evident. The sharp turns and edges are captured well in them. Kept separately without a context one can be misled by their sheer elusive nature. Some subtle colours and nuances are captured brilliantly by Chandigarh based photographer Ajay Bhatia in a series of photographs on Chandigarh.

“This is an event that was put in place by Alliance française de Chandigarh, the city of Le Corbusier, to commemorate his 50th death anniversary”, says Prutha Narke, cultural coordinator at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore. Le Corbusier who designed and executed a Nehruvian vision of a modern urban setting capturing a new and emerging India left his mark in the city of Chandigarh.

“Chandigarh has the unique attribute of being the only completely inhabited city designed by Le Corbusier. I consider myself fortunate that this city has been my home for over three decades now. During these years I have traveled to various parts of the world but when I return I feel that I am returning to a city which is tranquil, beautiful and well
ordered, where humanity, architecture and nature exist in close harmony”, says Ajay Bhatia, the photographer.

Ajay Bhatia is a documentary photographer from Chandigarh engaged in travel, event and architectural photography. His work explores the contemporary spirit and lifestyle of modern cities and the traditional essence, heritage and culture of historical cities, towns and villages of India. He is also interested in documenting the rhythms, colours and energy
of the traditional dance, music and folk art of India. “One would need several lifetimes to exhaust its infinite photographic possibilities,” he adds.

The exhibition “Le Corbusier – The Play of Light” was inspired by the photographer’s readings from the maestro’s book “Towards A New Architecture” which revolutionized architecture in the 20th century. “In my work I seek to capture contemporary time and space for current and future generations. In the future this time and space will change in ways we
cannot fathom at this moment. In my work I follow Leo Tolstoy’s dictum: “In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you”, says Ajay.

After its inauguration at Alliance Francaise de Chandigarh, the exhibition has traveled to Amritsar, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore and is also being exhibited at Pune, New Delhi, Pondicherry and Trivandrum.

“Le Corbusier – The Play of Light” was held at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, Vasant Nagar.

Simon Varghese


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