No solution to parking chaos on CMH Road?

Metro commuters park their vehicles in and around the Metro station

Stephen Neil Gershom
NSoJ Bureau

When the Metro Railway was first designed for Bengaluru, the residents of the city were promised convenience like never before, but it has been a whole lot inconvenient for residential areas through which the Metro passes. Many residences and shops had to be demolished in order to make space for the Metro lines to pass through, and for the residents of CMH Road , in Indiranagar, the metro woes did not end even after the construction work ended. The residents and shop owners in this area are troubled even today, and a solution to this problem seems nowhere in sight.

The problem here is  lack of designated parking space for vehicles. Hundreds of commuters, who use the Indiranagar metro station, park their 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers wherever they find some space and take the metro to work making it convenient for them at the cost of the residents’ convenience.

In one of the roads adjacent to the station, one can find on an average, around 50 motorcycles and 20 cars, which doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but when the road is barely 10-foot wide, it does make a difference to the surroundings, especially when there are medical centers around. Milann – The Fertility Centre, Apoorva Diagnostic Centre, Sri Sai Pharma, and Motherhood are centres of medicine located on the same lane where these vehicles are parked.

The problem is worsened on the main road which goes right under the metro station, and the problem here is created by the auto rickshaws parked haphazardly. The prime spot for them to get clients who just get out of the metro, is at the main entrance to the station, which is on the main road. They end up parking there and in turn creating traffic jams on the main road.

Mr. Suresh, owner of a coffee shop right next to the metro station, said: The residents as well as those who park their vehicles in the area are equally helpless, since there is no space in the entire area for parking of vehicles.

Mr.  Nanjappa, auto rickshaw driver, said that an MLA, whose name he did not want to mention, has been trying to set up an auto rickshaw stand in front of the metro station, but the traffic police are not permitting it and tiffs between the police and auto rickshaw drivers are commonplace.

Though most people feel there is absolutely no place for parking in the vicinity, residents are quick to point out the small space behind the metro station’s gate C.

Mr. Nagaraj, 70, who has been a resident of indiranagar his entire life, suggests that the space behind the metro station, although very little, would make a big difference and would help reduce congestion in the vicinity.

The space in question can probably hold 15 cars and around 100 motorcycles which is pretty sizeable and seems like the only solution for the parking menace close to the Indiranagar metro station.

Employees of the BMRCL (Bengaluru Metro Railway Corporation Limited) at the Administrative office of BMRCL in Byappanahalli, said they did not have the authority to comment on the issue and the official who did have the authority to do so was unavailable to speak to NSoJ.

The BMRCL has spent hundreds of crores of rupees in the development of Namma Metro. If only it decides to spend a few lakhs of rupees more on  the development of the land behind the Indiranagar station, into a parking lot, it will not only be convenient to the residents living close by but will also serve as an income-generating asset to the BMRCL.


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