Osteoporosis on the rise among younger people

Brittle bones reported among youngsters more often

Nasreen Sattar
NSoJ Bureau

Osteoporosis seems to be affecting people in the younger age group.
Health experts in the city say it mainly affected older people
earlier. However, it is affecting people even in their early thirties.

Osteoporosis is a condition which leads to severe bone degeneration
and loss in the bone density of the human skeletal system and also
leads to making them brittle and prone to bone fractures and leads to
more than 10 million cases a year in India alone.

Dr Raman Rao, who is on the board of Manipal hospital and is a
recipient of the Padmabhushan award, said to Nsoj ,”There are a lot of
new medications and alternatives in the market such as vitamin D
injections and tablets and calcium supplements, too which control
damage to the bones and help build bone density. A lot of patients are
also asked to walk, do free hand exercises, yoga and swim, which help
improve the overall condition of the patient.” He also asks his
patients to expose themselves to the sun which is very helpful with
this condition.

Dr Sita Bhateja of Bhateja’s nursing home and a renowned gynaecologist
in the City said to NSoJ, “Women should be very careful right from
puberty as they tend to loose a lot of calcium and nutrients during
their monthly cycles. During pregnancy and during the post pregnancy
stage too as in the pre menopausal and post menopausal stage, they
lose calcium. A whole new target group between 30 to 50 are hit by
this condition; analgesics and pain killers are required to take
control of the situation sometimes when the patient experiences pain
in connection with the condition .”

Lifestyle and habits such as excessive dieting and low intake of milk
and calcium products is also a reason for this damage say docs,as well
as low exposure to the sun.The condition is normally life long and
unless handled appropriately tends to only worsen and sometimes with
the passing of time leads to a condition called fibromyalgia which is
characterised by severe brain fog and pain in the entire muscular and
nervous system as the calcium levels when low not only affect the
bones but also the muscles and nerves and weaken them and their
ability to function normally .

However regular visits to the orthopaedic, a good intake of a calcium
rich diet and some sunlight should do wonders for those diagnosed with
the condition.


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