“Not a job, but our duty”

YFP volunteers at work

Neha Jain
NSoJ Bureau

To  stymie the increasing inconvenience faced by Bengalureans due to the deteriorating state of public places, a youth-driven organization called ‘Youth for Parivarthan’ (YPF) has come to the rescue of the city.Marking its presence for over two years now, the organization with a motto of “stop complaining, start acting” has been regular at fixing the unclean spots and making the right impact.

To mark the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and the second anniversary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Pet Project “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”, the volunteers from the organization were seen with brushes and brooms on the streets of Hospital road, adjacent to Kempegowda Road.

Amith Amarnath, founder, and president of ‘YPF’ is of the opinion that he needs no motivation or inspiration to clean up his own city, and Gandhi Jayanti is just another Sunday when he along with his teammates has come forward to beautify the city.

He said: “When we see a garbage prone area, what most of us do is to sit back and complain about the BBMP or civic authorities not doing their work properly, but I think we need to take the initiative and see what we can do to set it right, it may not be our function but it is our duty.”

As most of the volunteers are students or working professionals, taking up such initiatives, approaching the authorities and raising the funds could be a task for anybody. However, he said: “Initially the response used to be bad since they thought we were jobless youth doing something useless, but now after the launch of  Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, things have changed a lot. BBMP and other civic authorities have realized their responsibilities and they give us a lot of support. We are happy to work with BBMP.”

With the registered volunteer count of more than 1200  enthusiastic youngsters and 15-20 active members, the volunteers meet every weekend to plan and execute. With a success rate of 76%, the organization has fixed over 82 spots around the city and does a regular follow up on the remaining 24% spots which could not be sustained.

After gathering support from the many individuals and civic authorities, the resources which were initially pooled in from pocket money, has given way to sponsorships and donations.

Mr. P.C. Mohan, Member of parliament and also the sponsor for the initiative at Hospital Road said: “Gandhiji was very particular about cleanliness, following that our Prime Minister launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan two years ago, and today we can see lot of youth coming forward like the team from ‘YPF’ which raises awareness in the city every weekend and I am in full support of them.”

Krithika Vijaykumar, a final year engineering student, and a volunteer said: “We selected this particular spot as it is a huge garbage dumping yard. There is a lot of construction waste. In association with BBMP, we will remove the garbage, scrub all the posters, and then paint it. We are also making a pavement and a small garden here so that people stop littering, and are even adding few benches for them to sit.  We are not just cleaning but also transforming the place.”

Active planning and participation from the organizations like “Youth for Parivarthan” will only make Prime minister Narendra Modi’s vision to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi a huge success.


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