Go Bold and Bright This Season

Shama Nimkar
NSoJ Bureau

The approach of winter witnesses many people dispense with their fashion quotient. Perhaps it’s because of the colder weather and the eternal tussle between staying current yet cool and chic, or well, opting to stay warmly comfortable.
But guess what, it’s perfectly possible to embrace bold fabrics and bright prints and also, stay beautifully toasty, this season. All it requires is some trendy Indo-Western layering and tasteful embellishment.

Fashion fusion

This season is, in fact, filled with fusion trends–maxi shrug tops, longline cardigans, longline tunics are garments that lend a western edge to ethnic Indian kurtis. These are definite winners and deserve space in the wardrobes of fashionistas everywhere. Another trend that has been dominating the market since the summer, is the preponderance of prints. Brightly printed tops, leggings, skirts and palazzos, in various colours and designs, are fail-safe options to glam up your look. Because, yes, a burst of colour can manoeuvre casual clothing into classic staples.

But quite apart from the style and the colour, the material per se, of a piece of clothing, is also paramount. Satin, for instance, is preferable to cotton, this season. Shimmery, silky satin is the way to go for all the parties lined-up during Christmas and New year’s eve. According to Shefali Pearson, a fashion influencer, the ultimate winter style is not that hard to achieve. “There are around seven popular styles trending this season. Satin dresses and printed tops are seen a lot, especially animal prints. Velvet bags and shoes, gothic wear paired with heavy kohl makeup for the eyes and chokers round the neck are the latest craze. Maintain the edginess but keep your classics too–long dresses, wrapped dresses, jumpers and sweaters.”

But is there any particular retro fad that is especially prevalent this year? Shefali said going gold is key. “Gold jewellery is seen seeping back into rage. A lot of outfits are seen with accessories like gold chains, funky gold pendants and earrings. However, I like to keep it minimal. Understated jewellery such as rings, studded earrings and a watch are subtle ways of accessorizing an outfit,” she told NSoJ.

Head to toe looks

While clothes and accessories occupy an immense tranche of the fashion market, a complementary sector is that of beauty and cosmetics. Naturally, this season too, there are a plethora of fascinating products and festive discounts, in the market. A random survey of customers at makeup counters at a mall in the city, revealed this fact–lipsticks and compact powders are the most sold items in the makeup section. And in terms of colour, the bolder the better is the way to go this season. Aayushi Shah, a college student was excited about the upcoming party season. “I love wearing lipsticks. Purples, wines and reds are perfect lip colours to draw out that sultry pout for Christmas. Dark lips, nude eye makeup consisting of mascara-coated lashes and nude liner is an ideal winter look,” she said.

Last but not least, footwear is equally important to accentuate and elevate your style.
Because the right choice of footwear can create a massive difference in the entire look.
Sarhan Kanchwala, a salesman in a boutique on Brigade Road, said sneakers have stormed onto the fashion scene. “Floral printed sneakers and shimmery loafers have set the market on fire by becoming the latest trendsetters. They are comfortable, chic and sturdy and have managed to sell out at most shopping centres including the streets and malls,” he said. These sneakers can be worn with denim shorts and a crop top. Yes, crop tops. You can continue to wear your summer wardrobe in winter–all you need do is pair it with a trench coat or a leather jacket. And in terms of other footwear fashion favourites, there are long boots, peep-toes, stilettos, pumps and ballerinas to wear with dresses or fusion fashion.

Style is forever

Many refer to fashion as a way of life. However, there are no rules to fashion and makeup. Don’t let a particular trend hamper you from developing your own personal or individual ‘look’. After all, that’s how new style statements are made! Feel like wearing a dark brown lip for New year’s eve? Go ahead, wear it and flaunt it!

Because fashion is both about being bold and feeling beautiful. A colour or a garment may define what’s trendy, but true style is eternal and timeless. So, although it sounds mainstream, ‘Being you’ is the way to go.


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