Of great beards and glorious ideas

Nasreen Sattar

NSoJ Bureau

India’s first beard-and-moustache competition came alive recently at the UB City. The event was hosted by the Beard Club that brings like-minded people with similar interests and hobbies together.

The idea was to bring about cancer awareness and also general health concerns with regard to men. There were prizes for different categories such as longest beard, thickest moustache etc and the prizes were sponsored by various retail brands.

The event was a huge success with over 350 participants coming together from different states.

Young Vishal who gave this concept a kick start is from Mumbai but has also lived in West Asia for a couple of years and he now calls Bengaluru his home after having lived here for some time. He says Bengaluru is the best city in India and India is the best country to live in.

Vishal started the Beard Club in May of 2016 which now has 14 members only, as the membership is exclusive and also the prospective member has to meet certain criteria to get into this space and go through certain screening processes.

The members meet once a week just to socialise and take a break from the daily rigmarole of life and once in a month they have an event which is open to the public where they have competitions and other activities. The last one being a cigar-and-whisky night which was held at the Hype lounge at Shangri La hotel where best-dressed man with of course the best-groomed beard won a prize .

Vishal says that the reason for him to do this is also that “today there are many organised activities for women and children but very few for men”. Most of the funds he raises from these events and get-togethers are directed towards charity.

He now plans to do something for women too, where he can work on a cause and bring together women of similar interest by putting a woman in the forefront, and it looks like he is set to achieve that very soon.


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