The Bold and the Beautiful: Decor trends for 2017

designs-on-curtain-fabricsShama Nimkar
NSoJ Bureau

If plain canvas needs paint and individual genius to transform it into a masterpiece, a house needs an inspired mind, as well as striking interiors, to transform it into a much-loved lived-in home. So what are the upcoming colours, fabrics, and home decor trends for 2017? Are contrasting combinations in? What styles are considered constant and classic, and what is regarded as current or contemporary? Decor experts tell us what’s in, what’s out and what’s trending.

Living Room
Kiran Bhagwat, an interior decorator from Mumbai, said this has been the year of the ‘contrast’ trend. And that will continue into 2017. This involves embracing darker colours for paints, furnishings, walls, etc and contrasting them against the other objects in the room, he explained.  “Shades of navy blue, royal blue and red are increasingly seen on walls, furnishings, fabrics (curtains, cushions)and other items. On the other hand, showpieces, (objects d’art), curios, paintings, furniture, photographs are largely displayed in a monochromatic black and white. This simple trick enhances the look and feel of the space,” said Bhagwat.

He added that he had recently suggested a bold colour theme to a client. “I paired a velvet pink sofa set with green cushions against a cream enclosure and the client loved it. Such shades are no longer seen as purely “feminine” or “masculine”. What’s more men don’t shy away from such colour schemes,” he said.  “In fact, no colour is gender specific today. When used correctly, bright colours work can really up the design quotient,” he added.

Another trend has been the dominance of dazzling pendant lighting or malleable pendant chandeliers. In terms of furniture, antique pieces are a perennial favourite with decor experts and home owners. Think grand wooden swingsets, intricately carved Krishna Murtis, vintage pendulum mantels and British-era grandfather clocks. Such showstoppers, naturally require spacious settings. What’s more, these may be extravagant decor items but do lend a certain elegance to a room.

And according to those in the trade, the demand for and interest in antique artifacts/objects continues to be high, despite demonitisation. Navrathans Antique Art, a shop at Mahatma Gandhi Road, said that purchasing an antique is today considered a worthwhile investment. “We interact with a wide clientiele. And for most of our regulars, it’s more about the passion for collecting these beautiful works of art. In fact, many of our customers save money in order to buy objects such as the miniatures from our collection, if not larger sculptures and other items”.

Last but not least, a simple and ingenious method to enhance the look of a drawing room or living space, is to include indoor plants, said decor experts. A touch of greenery instantly freshens up the space and brings in a natural ambience. Having hanging climbers and vines along the walls and through the windows, etc, is an evergreen trend.

The sleeping areas in a home need to exude warmth in the colder months. And in the hotter seasons, be airy and well-ventilated. This can be achieved by using cozy comforters in the colder months and lighter materials in summers. According to Rahim, sales manager at D’decor, an interiors shop, on M.G.Road, polyester is a popular material for bedroom furnishings. “Polyester is extremely easy to maintain and is budget-friendly. Classic cotton is another bestseller,” he said. In terms of prints, geometric patterns in muted colours (rates ranging from Rs 700 to Rs 7,500 a metre) are attracting many customers, said Rahim. Other popular patterns include pastels, florals and embellished designs, as also ethnic prints.

When it comes to flooring, marble, be it real or faux marble,dominates and lends a cool touch. And for that soothing vibe, faux marble candle holders, marble clocks and other decor items work well against cool-toned colours and backgrounds like blue. What’s more, to maximize the space, functional furniture is increasingly popular—for instance, corner shelves that double up as bookshelves and also can be used to place potted plants. And for muted lighting, softly vibrant strings of Led lights add a dreamy, otherworldly sparkle to bedrooms.

Inviting kitchens
Kitchens are no longer staid cooking areas. Kitchens today are considered the soul and heart of a home. The space itself is now the prime attraction! Open kitchens are also quite popular. Sleek metallic finish greys dominate, in terms of appliance colours. Interiors are now styled transitionally with classic elements like the moen kitchen faucet, wooden flooring, contemporary appliances, arranged around the dining-table-and-chair-combos of the kitchen-island.

This understated, subdued colour scheme has made it’s way to bathrooms too. Sleek, burnished greys, marbled floors and customised mirrors in varied shapes and sizes, lend a certain edginess to this space. And what about childrens’ rooms? A plethora of animated designs have released this month, catering to the tastes of both girls and boys. Disney-themed curtains, bedsheets and even wall paintings are increasingly in demand, said Bhagwat. “Colours always fascinate children. Pinks and blues, though stereotypical, continue to be the most opted for and go-to colours for customers when it pertains to their childrens’ rooms,” he added.

Themed houses
A exciting new trend in decor is to have a “theme” or look for the entire house. This can be seasonal, as well. For instance, online portals such as PepperFry, Urban Ladder or DIY-sites like Houzz etc, offer products that incorporate a Scandinavian, Beach and other theme for the entire house. The Christmassy look is in, right now. These sites offer customers products and services that incorporate theme-specific elements. These also offer a blend of contemporary and classic,  fusion and functional products, suitable for every home.


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