Pedalling away the pollution

bicyIpsita Kabiraj
NSoJ Bureau

Having grown up in a city in the grip of rising air pollution owing to its vehicular traffic, Bengalurians Shariq and Ben were tired of complaining about it all. Cold food, delayed orders, or just plain laziness to get out of the house to get something- everyone blames it on Bengaluru’s traffic. However, instead of whining about it, these two friends came up with a venture to beat the traffic: the eco-friendly way. In the November of 2016, the duo started ‘Take It And Go’, an on demand, hyper-local delivery service operated on bicycles.

With a goal to support Bengaluru’s thriving local businesses, start-ups and residents, Take It And Go aims to provide them with an eco-friendly, sustainable last mile connectivity to their operation. “We thought; why not provide a service that addresses all these issues regarding traffic with our bicycles- the same ones we use to commute, race and tour! After all, the biggest cities in the world are using bicycles to get the job done, quicker and with more efficiency,” says Ben Joseph, co-founder of TIAG.

So what makes TIAG unique?  Apart from being Bengaluru’s first worker owned and operated on -demand delivery service that is operated by bicycles only, they deliver at lightning speeds (3 kilometers in 15 minutes in the thick of traffic). To add to it, they are cost effective (100 INR up to 5 kilometers) and are eco-friendly, so their carbon footprint is zero. They will deliver anything and everything as long as it isn’t contraband, animals, weapons of mass destruction or humans.

The bike messengers are a group of individuals connected with a shared love for brakeless, fixed gear bicycles. “Our messengers are all passionate cyclists looking for another reason to ride their bikes. What we realized riding these beautiful machines is, we were really fast commuting across town,” says Joseph, talking about the conception of TIAG.

With their target audience being mostly local businesses as well as individuals, TIAG is currently operational in Kamanahalli, Frazer town and Indiranagar. “As we expand and get more messengers in other areas we will expand our presence, including CBD (Central business district and Kormanagla),” Joseph remarks. Till date, they’ve done over fifty plus deliveries, thus keeping fifty vehicles off the street, and inadvertently reducing carbon print.

The duo’s next venture is to set up a bike shop called ‘Life Behind Bars Cycles’ (LBB Cycles) in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. They are due to open in March 2017.

You can follow their Facebook page  or call them on 8095646156.


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