Colours of a glorious past

kolNasreen Sattar
NSoJ Bureau
Kolkata ..the city of joy is one of the oldest cities in India and was also at one point in time the British capital of the country, it now sports one of the most magnificent cultures and heritages in perhaps the whole world .

Secular in spirit it enables its visitos to visit and enjoy many places of worship like that of the Nakhoda Mosque built by Hajee Zackria Sait and Abdul Rahim Oosman which was built in the 18th century. There is the holy river of the Ganges  followed by the St Paul’s Cathedral which is again of a different era, rarely does one get to see such a tribunal of inter cultural and religious activities happening all in one place.

There is an age old saying that Charles Hocknob, a British ruler landed in Kolkata at the time of the British rule in India and he chanced upon some farmers cutting grass. When he asked them about what they were doing they responded saying that ;they were cutting some grass and had cut some the day before, he then went ahead to call the place Calcutta.

Being one of the sweetest parts of India where apart from the language sweets such as the rasgollas, sandesh and misti doi are world famous and Bengali delicacies such as the Bhetki Machli, kathi rolls and Awadhi biryani in Kolkata just melt your senses. It is a great place to be for a food lover.

Exquisite varieties of Darjeeling tea and bakery products are easily available in this very vibrant city which is the literary and cultural hub of India.

A mixture of the British colonial regime, Chinese imprints and of course a very traditional and strong Indian influence, this place has unparalleled beauty, culture and tradition and is a potpourri of everything.

One can definitely indulge in a wide range of rich Benarasi and handwoven fabrics which originate either here or or even sometimes come right from Benares which isn’t too far away .

The Dussehra, Diwali time is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and Durga Puja amongst others is one of the more celebrated festivals .

However Christmas and New Year is also a great time to make merry in this city that has several events happening for the occasion and the city is lit up brightly to add grandeur to the festivities.


Darjeeling ,Gangtok and other getaways like Meghalaya ,Shillong and other hill stations aren’t too far away from here either, where one can get away pretty easily for a day or two and there is also a lot of floating crowd or population in Kolkata .


The Taj Bengal and the Oberoi would be great choices to stay; there is always the Park and many mid-level hotels. There are also many rooms available under airbnb and something for everyone.


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