More than just a colour

1Sushmitha B
NSoJ Bureau
Is a used car tyre of any value or only fit for a landfill? Remade in India makes a better use of it by promoting best use of waste and believes any waste is not just waste but there is more to it. If we can upcycle the waste in the world and give it a new name, then there is nothing like it to make the world go green.

Remade In India, is a 270 square feet tiny store in Indiranagar that stocks footwear with tire soles, bottle caps that make earrings look good, newspapers that tell stories of art, booze bottles that illuminate light and records that show time!

“People love to shop and if they are aware that they have an option to grab such creatively unique and upcycled products, they will more likely take these products home” says Avinash Rebello, founder and managing partner of Remade In India.

One is drawn to the shelves that stock beautiful stationery, notebooks in packs of three and five, colourful planners and doodle books. A closer inspection will reveal that while some of the covers are made from tyres, some are made from commercial containers. One can even find a notebook, whose cover is made out of old vinyl.They have used traditional and colourful block printing techniques on regular newspapers to create gift wrapping paper.

Espadrilles made out of Kalamkari fabric with soles shaped out of old tyres, earrings made from bottle caps are other highlights. Chindi’s funky sling bags from Mumbai, yoga mat straps and shopping bags made out of fabric scraps will also grab one’s attention. All products sold at the store are finished very beautifully.

Green is so much than a colour. One can easily witness its shades in the form of art that they use to promote the motive behind the store. “Even with all this potential we may never restore our natural resources, but can surely make use of what can be of no use and also can secure the land on which we stand. One can still be trendy and save earth from destruction” says Avinash.


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