Driving safely

Nasreen Sattar
NSoJ Bureau
Liquor stores located at a distance of 500 metres or less of any state or national highway are facing a ban on selling alcohol in India. However many
view this ban as counterproductive, superficial and not
one which is for the greater good of the people or by and large the
country .
Such a ban may give way to pilferage and also to illegal liquor
business. This is not only counterproductive but can also lead to a law and order issue.
The hospitality industry will end up suffering huge losses which
will also ultimately end up affecting the state and central revenue
and cause loss of jobs.
There is no formula  to solve the said problem but government has to think of some innovative ways rehabilitating those who work in the industry.
In order to reduce the number of accidents on our highways and huge loss of lives the government can think of imposing a penalty
on drunk driving, fund efficient highway patrolling and immediate cancellation of driving licenses of offenders.
The supreme court has passed a verdict however pretty recently that
the ban is applicable only to small vendors close to the highways and
not in the big hotels and restaurants alongside the highways which again can lead to the whole debate of sparing the
well established and moneyed businesses.
Putting this issue in a nut shell they have of course
at first tried to come out with a safety net to ensure that there is
no drinking and driving across national highways.
Following the not so successful ban on liquor in states like Bihar, government should think of ways to strike a fine
balance in charting citizens’ safety and state revenues.
Needless to say, loss of jobs is a matter of great concern considering many are employed in this sector in small towns
and villages dotting our national and state highways.

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