Fresh and flavourful

Nasreen Sait
NSoJ Bureau
Bangalore ranks high among cities which serve cuisines from around the world. One is spoilt for choice and hence many who move to the city to study or work do not really miss their favoured cuisine considering the culinary variety the city offers on a platter.

Byblos is among the many bistros and cafes that dot our neighbourhoods and malls. Lebanese and Arabic food is served
here and it has proved to be a big hit especially among the youngsters.
Fresh, light and flavourful would be some of the adjectives for Lebanese food which is another reason why many of the
health conscious take an instant liking to the Byblos’s offer.
Falafel, hummus, pita, grilled chicken or sheesh kebab, various salads, appetizers and even oriental rice are amongst their recommended dishes.  The fact that the chefs are from Lebanon adds to the authenticity of the food.
Baklava and other exotic desserts are available and can be eaten right here and served with a portion of ice-cream or they offer to take away too.
Byblos was in the news also for a noble cause as they have partnered with the Rotary Club in both its outlets in
Indiranagar and Frazer town. They have installed two refrigerators and the excess food is made available for the needy.
Mr. Amar the manager says”Bangalore has a huge market for various kinds of cuisines and as the people here are cosmopolitan and well-travelled, our eateries became an instant hit”.
A meal for two would cost around Rs 1000 inclusive of taxes and is value for money.  The Ambience is casual, relaxed and gives you the Lebanese feel. The author of this article paid for the food.

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