Chilling summer treats

Nasreen Sait
NSoJ Bureau
Summer time is here and the kids are all out and about with their families, friends, and classmates too and are having a jolly good vacation time with them. Considering the scorching heat and climate being so humid, what better than a cold coffee, a frappe or even a nice tall glass of milkshake or iced tea.

To meet the season’s demand, Starbucks is out with a wide range of desserts, coffee both hot and cold and snacks which are pretty popular.

We tried the new chicken Croissant bun sandwich which looked good and tasted extremely healthy as well. It had a layer of cheese and a couple of layers of tomato as well, with a combination of chicken ham and chicken roast and a fluffy pastry like a croissant on top, crunchy, fresh and lip smacking for sure with the right sauces.

They have introduced a new range of cold coffees which are called the Espresso range, one is flavored with bitter orange; the Valencia orange cocoa cappuccino and the other with a vanilla twist both are absolutely zingy and toothsome, apart from this they have the regular ones too.

Another interesting and completely exotic and new addition is the coconut water espresso shake, just the name is so beguiling – a blend of cooling coconut water and the finest quality roasted coffee powder. And of course, how can we miss everyone’s favorite the alphonso mango converted into the mango java chip frappuccino.

Also available are other regular desserts and snacks from the counter such as their signature red velvet cake, with a whole lot of vanilla chocolate shavings, a few varieties of cheesecake and of course some combinations of freshly cut fruit …so those with a sweet tooth have their share of the pie too. And from the savory list are the wraps .rolls and sandwiches and muffins.

What is also noteworthy is that the place a regular hangout for the youngsters and also the working crowd after working hours and over the weekends especially has wifi free for its customers , no wonder we saw so many laptops there !!!!

Stylish and well decorated it sports a very contemporary interior with some stools, cushions, comfortable chairs & tables and sofas to use your gadgets and sip your coffee .

They have some parking space too for two wheelers and four wheelers.

The author of this article paid for the food and it costs about Rs 600 for two people for two coffee and perhaps a snack or dessert.


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