Controversy’s child

Sushmitha K
NSoJ Bureau
On 17th January 2014, when Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s death in The Leela Palace
 hotel, in Delhi made headlines, speculations on the reasons behind her death did not seem to simmer down. While the
police first announced that it was a suicide, the angle of the investigation changed based on the forensic reports that
revealed that she was poisoned and had over a dozen injuries, leading to a murder investigation. Mr. Tharoor was in the
limelight for all the wrong reasons and media covered his statements and public appearances intensively.
The first few weeks, media mostly concentrated on who could be the possible suspect and various theories/debates led to
a convincing argument of why Mr. Tharoor could be a suspect. While Mr. Tharoor claimed that he was always supporting the
investigation he was accused of not disclosing the real truth. The twitter spat between Sunanda and a Pakistani journalist,
Meher a day before her death lead people to even allege an affair between the scribe and Mr. Tharoor.
 While the case is still being investigated by the police without strong evidence or a conclusion, allegations on Mr.
Tharoor never seemed to die down. The issue obviously grabbed political attention. Subramanyam Swamy, a BJP Member of
Parliament went on to say that Sashi Tharoor could be the possible convict.
Now, Sunanda’s case is back in the news again. Newly launched news channel, Republic TV, now has claimed to “expose”
Shashi Tharoor and labelled him the murderer of Mrs. Pushkar. The channel released 19 tapes that allege Mr. Tharoor
stopped Mrs. Pushkar from talking to the media and her death followed a meeting between the two in the hotel room.
The tapes are a series of phone conversations between the journalist and Mr. Tharoor’s aide, Mr. Narayan. Now the
natural question is how authentic the tapes are.
Soon after the tapes were released Mr. Tharoor in a series of tweets have criticised the channel and its editor Mr. Arnad
Goswami of lowering standards of journalism.
While Republic TV is a part of the Asianet group, which is owned by BJP-leaning businessman and Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev
Chandrasekhar, it could also be targeting Mr. Shashi Tharoor who is a Congress MP of Thiruvananthapuramm.
In this case, a newly launched TV channel displaying “Shashi Tharoor, we want answers” on its screen does not suffice. A dig at a politician maybe based on biased intentions of both the parties. At the end of the day,
the headline could read “lead on Sunanda Pushkar’s case” and not “Shashi Tharoor, a murderer”.

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