Break bread and have fun

Nasreen Sait
NSoJ Bureau
Hammered !! You bet and how. Everybody is looking for that cool spot to chill out with their friends, family and loved
ones. Hammered offers that very exclusive pad which comes with a touch of privacy and warmth that one wants to include
in their outings.

Most of their restaurants come with different sections like one offering air-conditioned comfort to an outdoor section
with garden furniture and also a verandah where one can lounge around with large comfortable sofas, high chairs, and
greenery. The music rocks and is a great attraction in this place and the DJs offer very groovy and happening tunes of
the day and some popular remixes too.

Now getting down to serious business and talking about the food, they have some very versatile options that they offer ,
cosmopolitan would be the right word to describe the food on offer. There is chicken satay to chicken ghee roast
sandwiches and an array of sea food dishes and an assortment of starters, salads and desserts, one is surely spoilt for
choice in this place.

For dessert, we tried the pana cotta, a very popular Italian dessert made out of thick coconut milk and infused with
certain flavouring agents and garnished with gulkhaand (an ingredient famous in India made of crushed rose petals and is
known to have cooling properties) this had to be the dish of the day.

Another great attraction in this place are the sheeshas which are available in all colors and flavours, light refreshing
and a favourite amongst the international crowd and a lot of college going students too.

There are a lot of takeaways from the retro lounge too.

A meal for two costs approximately Rs 1500. They have not only a good valet system but also an impressive security set
up making it safer for even women to come alone or with friends.


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