About Us

Presenting NEWS: Straight, Simple, Sensitive

That is what we have set out to do. We are not a group of well-heeled journalists yet, but we’ll get there soon. We are Student-Journalists (fondly called SJs by our faculty) at the National School of Journalism in Bengaluru and this is our initiative.

Our working template comprises critical thinking and ethical execution within a framework of social justice. This might sound obvious to most, but is actually a rarity, especially in the media that we see around us. Honestly, we are not being judgmental, but simply stating what we feel.   

Join us in our journey as we seek to articulate simplicity within a complex socio-economic fabric, keep alive plural thought in a society that is threatening to go increasingly unipolar and search for truth in an imperfect world.

A daunting mission, you may say. Perhaps it is. But that’s the path we have all chosen to travel so that tomorrow we don’t need to fight for rights, kill to establish supremacy or even shout to be heard.

Guide us, follow us, talk to us. We need your encouragement.



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